Negotiators: a social game.

A board game about negotiations.

Negotiators: download the game

Negotiators is a board game based on your communication skills in which you must obtain informations from people, negotiate and respect or infringe pacts.

You can play the game in 4-12 players, 16 years old or older.

The game is open and free: you can use it, distribute it and modify it, as long as you do it for free (see the terms of use inside the game).

Negotiators is still on development: if you find bugs or if you think that you can enpower the gameplay, contact the author.

PDF rules > download the .pdf with the rules and the game's components ready-to-print (version 0.1).

zip con elementi aperti > Download the compressed folder .zip with the development game's components (best opening text files using LibreOffice and graphic files using Inkscape).